The stars have aligned for Bitcoin to paypal usd exchange

When asked if the current climate of exacerbating monetary crises is creating a unique opportunity for crypto to attain widespread adoption, Mashinsky stated that there has been no previous time in which the stars have aligned so well for Bitcoin.

AM: You have the Federal Reserve printing more money in two weeks than it did in over 100 years. It's like the whole world has a giant flood, and at the same time there's like a magnitude 10 earthquake — that's the equivalent of what's happening. And on top of that, we have a global pandemic of a virus that did not exist for 4 1/2 billion years on this planet. What else can you ask for? If Bitcoin does not shine, then what is it good for?

And now the question is, what are we doing right now? It’s like Churchill said, most of us stumble upon an opportunity and walk away. Here is the opportunity. It is staring us in the face.

And what is the community doing? Well, we are fighting with each other over regulation and technology — all kinds of other issues instead of getting together and convincing everybody in the world that this is the solution, this is the replacement for all of these fiat currencies that are just eating away at our savings.

Criticizing crypto adoption

When asked about the crypto sell bitcoin to paypal how to do it community’s efforts to drive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, Mashinsky stated: “If I had to rate the community, I would give us a C-minus for adoption.”

AM: We created amazing technology, we celebrate it internally, but we have not delivered to the masses out there what they need to come on board. We didn't solve their problem — we solved our problem.

We are afraid of debasement. So, great — we created Bitcoin. We want a form of payment, so we created Tether. We want a smart contract so we can geek around. Great, we created all these DeFi projects — those do not apply to 99% of the population. They couldn’t care less.